I have always believed that the manner in which we begin our day,  sets the tone for the entire day. Starting the day rushing out of bed, skipping breakfast and running to work vs waking up relaxed, taking the time to meditate and workout truly makes a difference in the way the day turns out to be. Recently, I made a new revelation.

Early this year, I had been very down. My health was bad; I had a terrible flu that was nowhere near getting better for over a month which in turn affected all parts of my being. Initially I thought it was just my health being the reason I was feeling down, unmotivated and low in spirits, but soon I realized it was more than that.

My husband and I subscribed to netflix and therefore had immediate access to a ton of movies and TV shows at our disposal. We started watching Breaking Bad, one of the most popular TV shows of all time with 5 seasons and over 60 episodes. Each show left us with an excitement to watch the next show. Every night after getting our daughter to sleep, we would watch a couple of these thrilling episodes, and I was usually so tired by the end of it, that I would fall asleep right away. The last thought every night was that of the show and I got so tangled into it that I started having bad dreams about things in the show like drugs, murder etc. I would wake up unhappy and my entire day would be gloomy and blue.

The entire last year, I was very particular about spending some time every night reflecting, writing in my gratitude journal or reading something that inspires me right before sleeping. That in turn helped me to go to bed in a joyful and grateful state of mind, helped me sleep better, and I woke up feeling motivated, refreshed and ended up have a fruitful and happy day.

So the difference was very apparent – I now believe that its not just how we start our day but also how we end our day that is super important.

Some other quick suggestions on ending the day right include staying away from technology 30-60 minutes before bed time, falling asleep on instrumental or relaxing music, reading or listening to spiritual knowledge, meditation or chanting.

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Love always,